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Dig For Local Gems and Minerals

Screen from our mine run pile.

Take a Field Trip to a famous local gem mine.

Keep what you find!

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Open May to October

Weather Permitting

Please call 207/674-3440 for hours.


We are taking reservations for field trips

Please call 207/890-9753 for more information.


Mt. Mica tourLook what I found

Spend the day digging your own gemstones from our mine run buckets or take an educational excursion to one of the many famous gem mines in Oxford County, Maine.

Field Trips include, but are not limited to, these localities:

MMA will provide an avenue for hobbyists and professionals as well as schools, clubs and organizations to dig for their own gem minerals, learn about lapidary, geology, minerals and the mining history here in Western Maine.

Learn about the local Geology, Mining History, and how to identify minerals. Screen a bucket of mine run material containing different gemstones and make mineral specimens from local mines. Take field trips to famous local gem mines in the area and dig on their dumps. Visit mines like Mt. Mica, the Harvad Quarry, Mt Apatite and many others! Learn about the science of mining and see active mines.

We are near the famous Mt. Mica Mine and not far from the Harvard Mine and several other mines, so prospecting trips are available to learn what to look for in the field.

MMA has a goal to teach school children about...Sciences as well as local mining history. Birthday parties can also be arranged and will include a free gift for the birthday girl or boy and stuff for everyone.

Mt. Mica tour

Come Have Some Fun!!!!