Zoltan Matolcsy brings an extensive background in the construction field to WMMA. He is experienced in the construction of commercial buildings and residential homes as anZolt Matolcsy assistant supervisor / foreman.
His knowledge of green construction, toxic building material, alternative energy implementation, smart home wiring, geothermal and healthy home construction will allow Phase II to be built in accordance with what we believe should be future building practices.
Mr. Matolcsy has been designing and building hybrid energy systems for self-sustaining buildings and entities. His ability to plan, oversee, problem solve and supervise construction will be a tremendous asset to WMMA.
He also brings 30 years’ experience in woodworking and metal fabrication including welding. He also has the ability to operate all types of construction equipment with extensive mechanical experience to support that equipment.
Zoltan has a passion for mineral collecting and is knowledgeable in mineralogy and the local history of the various gem and mineral deposits in the area.

Jody Matolcsy brings with her almost 20 years experience gem and mineral collecting in the great state of Maine. She is sole owner and operator of Jody’s Mineral Tours bringing with her a network of people and groups from around the country in the gem and mineral business.Jody Matolcsy She has been giving guided tours to individuals, families and groups of children from various local schools and local summer camps to several of the local gem mines teaching them about geology, mineralogy and the history of the various mines.
She has two years experience mining with Frank Perham of West Paris at several of his gem mines and one season at Mt. Mica with Gary Freeman. Also, being a mother of four, she is absolutely wonderful with children and people love her for her great personality.