Maine Mineral Adventures site

The screening operation is set up next to the
Mollyockett Motel
on Rt. 26 in Woodstock, Maine.
You can find a map here.


Open May to October

Weather Permitting

Please call 207/674-3440 for hours.


We are taking reservations for field trips

Please call 207/890-9753 for more information.

Groups by Appointment-Field Trips Any Day


Dig from our pile of mine run gravel at $10.00(small) or $15.00/ bucket or you may purchase special buckets from special places.

The material in these buckets is from local gem and mineral deposits like Mt. Mica, Orchard Quarry and others!

Minerals the miner might find include:

  1. Quartz crystals- clear, smoky and clusters and maybe some rose quartz from Mt. Mica.
  2. Tourmaline- all colors and quality
  3. Beryl- mostly aquamarine but maybe some golden beryl too.
  4. Lepidolite and other Lithia accessory minerals
  5. Rare Minerals; cassiterite, montebrasite, spodumene and pollucite, lollingite.


couple with large smokey quartz crystal


pink quartz crystals



For the real Miner-$25 up to $100 per bucket.
  All Maine Material.