We cater to everyone from the beginner to the advanced “rock hound” or to someone who just wants to find something “pretty”. We will custom tailor your field trip depending on your desires and needs. We provide all the tools and safety gear you will need as well as bags for collecting. We will teach you how to look for, and find gems and minerals, and how to identify what you find.

     Plan on bringing water. Figure you will share with someone who didn’t bring enough water. Be prepared for weather. Rain or shine, trips proceed as scheduled. Rain is a rock hounds friend. You will get dirty. So, long pants are a good idea. This helps prevent injuries. Suntan lotion and a hat are good. Bug spray, even a net for your head are good too. A raincoat and boots for that type of weather. Food if you want it. Supportive footwear is a must.

     But most important, is to be mindful of others collecting in your area and follow instructions of the field trip guides. At all times maintain awareness of yourself and your physical surroundings. With all this in mind, your rock hounding adventure should be extremely enjoyable.

Mt. Mica tour

We have field trips to Mt. Mica, The Bennett Quarry, The Orchard Pit,
Tamminen Quarry, The Intergalactic Mine on Deer Hill and others.


We go to Mt. Mica every Sunday
rain or shine
Meet at the site 9:00-9:30AM

*No children under 10 years of age are allowed at Mt. Mica.

Call or email to make your reservations today.


Field Trip Prices   

$60.00/day or $25.00/hr. per adult, plus any fees to enter private locations. 2 person minimum.
Children ages 16 and under are $30/day or $12.50/hr. per person when accompanied by an adult.
School rates are different, so please call.
Adult group rates of 10 or more people are $15.00/hr./person
Children group rates of 10 or more are $8.00/hr/person (must be accompanied by an adult)


We also offer birthday parties!

2 hours long. We teach, maybe a scavenger hunt or field trip, and supply party favors. The birthday boy or girl gets a gift.

Price is $175.00 for up to 10 children.

Green Mt. Mica TourmalineMt. Mica Tourmaline

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