Field Trips

Go on a feild trip to the world famous Mt. Mica Tourmaline mine!

$65/person $35 for children under 16 years of age. Children under 7 years of age are generally not allowed so call for more information if needed.

Every SUNDAY morning we meet at our site in Woodstock at 9am where you will sign wavers and pay for your field trip. At 9:30am sharp we leave and carpool up to Mt Mica. Expect for the field trip group to be digging until 3pm. (However you can leave sooner if desired)

There will be experienced and knowledgable guides with all of the rock hounding tools for everyone to share. If you have your own tools bring them if you would like! Bring drinking water, food and good footware! Keep what you find! Bring two 5 gallon buckets to bring what you want back home. $10 each for any extra buckets.