Specimens from here and there:


Quartz crystals-Fiddlers Ridgequartz crystalBeryl crystals and gemspink quartz crystals

Fiddlers Ridge Quartz crystals

Arkansas Quartz crystals
Fiddlers Ridge, Mt. Ida, AK

Quartz crystal
from 'away'.

Beryl crystal and gems
morganite from Bennett Quarry
Aquamarine crystal from Songo Pond

Pink Quartz crystals
Mt. Mica

Tourmaline crystal and Gems
Newry, Maine

BiColor Apatite
Songo Pond Mine

Smokey Quartz
Mt. Mica

Purple Apatite
Harvard Quarry by Frank Perham

Green Tourmaline crystal
Mt. Mica

tourmaline crystal and gems-Newry, MaineSongo Pond Blue Apitite SpecimenParallel Growth Smokey QuartzPurple Apatite Crystal-Harvard QuarryGreen Tourmaline crystal-Mt. Mica