Mt. Mica Mine

Mt. Mica is the oldest gem mine in the United States and one of the few still in operation in  Maine.
Mt. Mica is presently owned and operated by Gary Freeman. Lots of pics and info here.

Located in Paris, Maine, Mt. Mica is famous the world over for it’s gem tourmaline xls. Minerals observed at this locale include tourmaline (green, pink, blue, watermelon), biotite, garnet, beryl (aquamarine, morganite, green, white) eosphorite, cassiterite, cookeite, flourapatite, hydroxylapatite, hydroxyl-herderite, columbite, microcline, montmorillonite, muscovite, pollucite, quartz (milky, smokey, rose xls.), rhodochrosite, siderite, schorl (tourmaline), spodumene and many others.

Mt. Mica dumps
Some of the extensive dumps at Mt. Mica