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Keep what you find!

At our site in Woodstock we have straight run mine material relocated directly from Mt. Mica by dumptruck.

Here at MMA you have several different "bucket" options. You can go for a "Dig Your Own" bucket directly from our pile for $15, or grab one of our prefilled "specialty" buckets from our shop that come in different levels of quality for $25, $50 and $100. Next, with the help from one of our knowledgeable staff, you sift through the dirt at our sifting stations and begin your search for a a wide variety of Maine gems and minerals.

100% guaranteed Tourmaline (and more) in every bucket, Dig Your Own or Specialty! We supply all tools neccesary such as shovles, buckets, sifting screens and washing water. Bring your own buckets if you want to carry a bunch home!

Check out the shop right here at the Dig Maine Gems location!