We own the Mollyockett Motel, in Woodstock. We have had many guests, over the last 4 years, that have gone out with Jody to the mines. They have all come back with raving reviews of Jody’s knowledge, her ability to find the locality where the specific minerals are located, her very pleasant personality, and genuine interest in her explorers. We hear comment such as…
 “She helped me find this beryl crystal! That is just what I wanted to find!”
 “She was fabulous! She took such care to explain things to our kids on their level!”
 “I went out myself yesterday. I was so discouraged! I went with Jody today and she took me to the same place I was yesterday and we found all sorts of goodies! I am coming back next month! She sure knows a lot about minerals.”
Mr. & Mrs. Buck-Owners of the Mollyockett Motel

We just wanted to drop you a line to let  you know how wonderful a time we had mining this past week.  We were on your trip to Mt. Mica and were first time miners.  You were so extremely nice and so informative, which made our first experience terrific and one we will never forget.  We learned so much and left with a great deal of knowledge and a new found excitement for the hobby.  We are now exploring opportunities in areas near where we live.  It was truly your enthusiasm and your hospitality that made the difference.  Please know that if anyone ever asks, we will not hesitate to send them your way. - Sharon, Danny and Lauren, Baltimore, MD

I didn't think stuff like what I dug this past week still lived in the ground anymore. I have collected since I was a little kid, which seems like several millennium ago. I have dug in 23 states and in 2 Canadian provinces. And I got to collect during the heyday of some of the better known gem and mineral producing mines in the US. Yet none of it compared to this trip. I dug perfectly formed almandine garnets the size of walnuts either in or  out of matrix. Gem tourmalines up to 20 carats each. Green tourmaline plates on quartz with quartz crystals up to 12". I dug beryl crystals the size of golf balls or larger and lepidolite clusters that were softball size. The hosts were very knowledgeable and we had a great time. I’m going to do it again. -Debbie S, Maryland

My wife Marcy and I were at your fee mining area week before last. You may remember us, we had a silver Cadillac and are from North Carolina. We really  enjoyed ourselves- found a few pieces of tourmaline that I can facet, and lots  of color. You folks were very nice to us and all your customers, and obviously enjoy your work. We wish you continued success in your venture, and we  hope to find a  way to get back up your way again in the future. Ed D.- North Carolina
When we came to live here in the Western Mountains of Maine we knew very little about the minerals that could be found here in Oxford County. We meet Jody and Zolt. They said they would be happy to teach us about rockhounding. So off we went on our first rockhounding adventure. What an adventure for us! We had never been rockhounding before and we not only found some beautiful rocks to take home and display, Jody and Zolt took the time to teach us about each mineral. We are now hooked! We go rockhounding when ever we can and now no matter where we go we are looking for a different rock (mineral) we can bring home. We are gathering specific rocks to build a beautiful fireplace. It has opened up a whole new world to us! -Tim &Fran
       My daughter had the best birthday party mining in the Oxford Hills! The kids at the party were engaged, excited and busy for more than two hours while they mined for beautiful stones and crystals. Jody was an amazing guide and extremely knowledgable. The girls at the party fired question after question and she was right there to answer and give all the information they wanted. The kids had a lot of fun  and I really liked the idea of being outside and the fact they learned something new was a bonus! It was the best birthday party ever! -Missy F.
      Several weeks ago my grandson and daughter found your mineral place on line. They persuaded me that they wanted to go. With a friend to help with the driving, we went to look for mineral rocks. You were so generous to give me one of your T-shirts, and let me take photos too. I took a fair few of them and wrote a little story about people who "fossick" (Australian word for people who look for precious stones, gold and other minerals). My daughter and grandson had a great time while my mate and I played cribbage.
  On September 3, 2009 (Thursday), I will have a short story published in www.ryereflections.org, an on line monthly magazine. Zoltan, you might recall, posing for me in your office and elsewhere. I had a good time. My mate had a good time. My daughter and grandson had a wonderful time which was made more fun by his Quartz, fist sized, stone. You gave it and he has taken it home to California. My wife was thrilled by your generosity. I hope my story and photos will help you to gain more people coming to your place of business.
  When we left, we were all better educated by you, your assistants and your openness to share Western Maine Mineral Adverntures with us. With luck, you will gain some more clients from the seacoast area of New Hampshire. Thank you for letting me share your ideas with my readers. -Cheers, Bill Warren  Author and writer


I just wanted to thank you for making our recent trip up to the lovely hills of Oxford County, Maine a great experience! My brother took his 7 year old son, Noah along with myself up to your Western Maine Mining Adventures gem screening area and also booked a field trip to the Orchard Mine.
   Noah told me he would remember the trip forever and want to come back next year to prospect again. I had a great time myself and love the way everyone makes us feel at home, young and old, and helps you ID your finds along the way. With the closing of the historic Perham's Gem & Mineral shop, I see a bright future for you taking over the gem and mineral business with gem hunters from all over the USA & the world coming to you for an adventure of a lifetime!  -Bill Safer, Worcester, MA